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Crafting luxury sheepskin footwear.

What’s makes sheepskin footwear so different from other varieties in the market?

It’s primarily the nature of sheepskin that gives a unique look, feel as well as other qualities to the footwear. The kind of distinct features in this footwear cannot be found even in the trendiest brands in the market.

The Benefits of Using Sheepskin Footwear:

  • The texture is very soft which gives good comfort to your feet. This also helps to bring down stress and gives a greater feeling of relaxation
  • The springy fibres reduce the risk of getting pressure ulcers which can make you feel uncomfortable. Your body weight is evenly distrusted on the feet which results in better comfort
  • Sheepskin wicks away moisture, and breaths preventing foot odour.
  • During winter, sheepskin insulates your feet keeping them snuggly and warm.
  • Enjoy better feet health by using sheepskin footwear. 
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